Professional Electrical Testing Services

Have you noticed a problem with your electrical system recently? Do you need electrical testing to help determine the problem or for a new appliance hookup? If you have concerns regarding your electrical system or if you need portable appliance testing (PAT) for your business, then we can help.

It doesn't matter if it is for one appliance or many, electrical testing isn't only a smart and safe decision, it is also required. Rented properties, as an example, are required to prove the safe use of portable equipment (including 3 phase equipment). That is where we come in because, at Compliance Electrical, we have the experienced and accredited technicians you need. For your electrical testing needs like portable appliance testing, get it done right and on your schedule too. That's right, we not only have the electrical expertise and experience you need, we also have flexible scheduling so you don't have to work around us because will work around you.

Keep your machines, computers, and electric appliances working and working safely. Troubleshoot problems with control panel, outlets, or other power sources, and even fix problems before they happen. These are only a few of the reasons for and benefits of good electrical testing. From new construction to existing homes and businesses, and for every industry, safe, smart, and proper use of electricity makes a difference.

How much of a difference? Did you know that "electrical equipment is the second leading cause of office fires?" Without the right electrical systems, support, and safety measures those could be your offices or your business. Don't take chances and get it done the right way with professional electrical testing services.

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